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To maintain sterility and the correct air pressure in the room, all doors into and out should be of the sliding, hermetically sealing type.

    The hermetically sealed sliding door should meet following specifications:

  • Meets international quality & safety requirements. Doors should be wired to the current IEE regulations & BS7971 standard
  • Motor should be DC 24V 70 W brush less DC Motor
  • Noise level of movement should not be more then 60 decibel.
  • Controller should be microprocessor based and be CE marked.
  • Power efficiency should be .95 (in AC 100V full load). The track should be made up of single piece extruded aluminum.
  • Environment temperature should be -20°C to +55°C.
  • Starting time should be able to regulate from .5 second to 23 second & starting speed should be 600 mm per second.

Design shall meet HTM 2020/2021 standards. The doorframe is made of high quality anodize aluminum and the door panel are made of compact laminate that It can withstand high abrasion. To ensure efficient sealing of the doors, frames are provided. Hermetically sealed sliding door or operation theatre door will consist of reinforced plasterboard panels faced with the same laminate as of door. The door seals of all four edges in the closed position & shall be surface installed type.

The track of the hermetically sealed sliding door or operation theatre door is constructed with high quality door lock with aluminum extrusion, fixed firmly to the walls. Nylon runner guides shall be fixed to the door in such a way they do not obstruct trolley movement through the door. The hermetically sealed sliding door or operation theatre door frames shall be edged with an aluminum extrusion & with concealed fixings that are adjustable during installation to ensure a 100% hermetic seal is achieved. Vision panels, 300mm X 300 mm is provided in the doors.The door controller shall be sensing overload condition and in overload case the door will automatically stop & reverse the direction of travel.

The controller shall be capable of either being operated by elbow switches/foot switches, radar switch (touch less sensor). All doors will be operated easily manually in the event of failure of the power supply or the automation unit.